Research and Projects

Tennessee Black Power Digital Archive

The Tennessee Black Power (TNBP) archive is a collection of the primary sources that I found while researching for my M.A thesis on Black Power in Chattanooga. I decided to build an Omeka S archive to centralize the sources that I found and to create a project that would memorialize the movement in Chattanooga and Memphis since many southern chapters of the BPP have been erased from the public memory of the South.

Save Sewanee Black History Trail

The SSBH Trail is a series of five historical markers that memorialize important community locations to the historically black neighborhood, St. Mark’s, in Sewanee Tennessee. As a graduate research assistant for the Roberson Project, I helped Sewanee students and St. Mark’s community members to write and design the signs. I also helped build the website that connects to the signs QR codes.

Save Sewanee Black History Digital Archive

The SSBH Digital Archive is a collection of photos and documents donated by St. Mark’s community members. The Roberson Project held multiple digitization fairs to collect scans and oral histories that are featured on this site. As a graduate research assistant for the Roberson Project, I helped with creating the data dictionary for the archive and creating the metadata for the collection. I also run the SSBH Instagram and Facebook.

Locating Slavery’s Legacies Database

The LSLdb is a collaborative, intercollegiate database that collects memorials about the Lost Cause on southern college campuses. The goal of the database is to create a resource that shows how the Lost Cause narrative effected the landscape and culture of college campuses in the south and allow for analysis of those trends across campuses. As a Roberson Project graduate research assistant, I helped build the data dictionary and back end infrastructure of the Omeka S archive. I also am currently helping with launching the pilot year with other universities and creating teaching resources so the LSLdb can be imbedded in classes across our different partner institutions.

I Didn’t Learn That Guides

As a graduate research assistant for MTSU Teaching with Primary Sources, I created a series of teaching resources called I Didn’t Learn That Guides. The goal of these guides were to give teachers resources to teach topics that are not commonly included within Tennessee K-12 history standards. I created four on various topics including the Black abolition movement, African American participation in the Civil War, Women in the progressive labor movement, and Native American Resistance.